670-033-01 | 33 mm PFA lug style closure


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33 mm PFA lug style closure

Product Details

Delta Scientific is an independently owned and operated Canadian distributor of high quality products.We have been in business since 1985 and are well recognized in our markets.Delta Scientific specializes in distributing chemicals, consumables, equipment, ICP & ICP-MS standards & components, inorganic & organic proficiency testing standards and XRF supplies for use in analytical, environmental, educational, quality control , research & development and spectroscopy applications.

Additional Information

Savillex Corporation has been manufacturing fluoropolymer products since 1976, supplying some of the world’s largest companies and universities. Savillex's main business groups consist of Labware, Packaging, ICP Sample Introduction Systems and Custom Molding. Throughout all of their businesses, Savillex's goal remains the same: to apply their know-how in fluoropolymer molding and machining to develop the world's best fluoropolymer products – what ever the application. Savillex manufacture the widest range of PFA labware, from vials and columns to pressure vessels and filter holders. For pharmaceutical and chemical packaging applications Savillex PFA and FEP Purillex™ bottles are produced using proprietary blow molding technology which gives them unique properties. Their PFA Sample Introduction Systems for ICP-OES and ICP-MS expand the capabilities of these techniques, allowing chemists to measure metals at lower levels, in a wider range of sample matrices. And finally, Savillex's Custom Molding business group has solved some of the biggest technological challenges for some of the world's most advanced technology companies.