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0.38-ORG-MH | Tygon MH Pump Tube, 2 Tag 0.38mm ID Orange/Green, 152mm Between Tags, pk/6

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Tag Colours: Orange/Green
ID mm: 0.38
Wall mm: 0.91
OD mm: 2.20
Overall length: 370mm (152mm between tags)
No. of Tubes Per Pack: 6
Physical Properties: Special thermoplastic of high purity (without additives; without plasticizer; environmental-friendly disposal)
Special Properties: Environmental-friendly tubing especially designed for solvents, Suitable for MIBK

Product Details

Extend the life of your pump tubing

It is well known that peristaltic pump tubing wears out over time. You can slow the rate at which the pump tubing wears by lubricating the pump rollers with the EzyGlide cloth (70-EZG-CLOTH). This improves precision, reduces drift and extends the period between recalibrations.

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