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101-106-38 | Optifix® HF Bottle Top Dispenser 2-10mL

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The Optifix® HF Dispenser are designed for almost all liquids that can be handled with the Optifix dispensers, plus hydrofluoric acid (HF). Sapphire ball valves and PTFE valve fittings create an inert system. The unit is not autoclavable.

Product Details

101-106-38 Optifix® HF Bottle Top Dispenser 2-10mL

  • Capacity - 2 - 10 mL
  • Graduation - 0.5 mL
  • Supplied with 2 PTFE adapters (38 mm and 40 mm)
  • 1 PTFE Intake Tube
  • 1 Discharge Tube with cap
  • Calibration Certificate

Additional Information

Features of the Optifix® HF Dispensers

  • PTFE encased dispensing piston
  • Dispensing cylinder made of PTFE
  • Ergonomic finger protection cap is White for the HF Dispensers
  • Fast and easy volume setting with additional fine adjustment
  • FIX adapter made of PTFE
  • Valve block made of PTFE, with additional safety valve in the ventilation tube, no metal springs in the valve - no corrosion