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200-705-42 | Savillex 500 µL Forensic Vial

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Savillex PFA forensic vials are chemically inert, non-leaching, and non-reactive to sensitive samples. A smooth, non-binding interior surface provides high yields and can increase sample recovery by more than 20% for low concentration samples.

  • Can be used for numerous storage methods: LN2 liquid phase (?196°C), LN2 Vapor Phase (?150°C), Ultra-low (?80°C) or standard freezer (4°C)
  • Will fit most standard benchtop microcentrifuge units
  • Low coefficient of friction of PFA provides higher sample recovery of low concentration samples than standard storage vials
  • PFA offers superior purity, storage and stability over other plastics
  • See our microcentrifuge tubes for more storage options