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200-905-50 | Savillex 500 µL Microcentrifuge Vial

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Savillex molded PFA microcentrifuge vials are compatible with standard benchtop microcentrifuge units, and are chemically inert, non-leaching, and nonreactive to sensitive cultures. A smooth, non-binding interior surface provides high yields and excellent recovery of contents.

  • Conical interior base
  • Will fit most standard microcentrifuge models
  • 8 mm Snap-on Opening
  • RCF up to 10,000 g
  • Alternative to Cetac ASX110/112 part number SP5477 (0.5 mL PFA vial)
  • Fits other autosamplers used in ICP-MS and GFAAS
  • Can be used as a tip cover for PFA Wash Bottle (700-500)
  • Service temperature range of PFA is ?328°F to 500°F (?200°C to 260°C)

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Suitable Closures

8 mm Snap-On Closure (600-008-83 )

Recommended Accessories

Vial Cleaning System (550-01)