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30-808-3590 | Glass Expansion Quartz and Ceramic Demountable Torch, For Agilent 5100/5110 RV

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Demountable Torch, Quartz and Ceramic, Interchangeable Injectors for Aqueous, Organics, High Dissolved Solids or HF Applications, For Agilent 5100/5110 RV

Product Details

  • Quartz is ideal for most aqueous samples
  • Ceramic lasts much longer for samples with high dissolved solids or for organics applications such as wear metals in engine oils
  • Ceramic provides low background for Si determinations
  • Interchangeable injectors for aqueous, organics, high dissolved solids or hydrofluoric acid applications
  • For analysis of samples with high salt content

Additional Information

  • Material: Quartz and Ceramic
  • For Use With: For Agilent 5100/5110 RV
  • Includes: Base and Inner Tube for Agilent 5100/5110 D-Torch, Quartz Outer Tube for 5100/5110 RV D-Torch, Injector Ferrule for D-Torch, Retaining Ring for D-Torch Outer Tube, Injector Adaptor for D-Torch, Safety Gloves, Medium