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520-1-1-2 | Savillex Classic Sub-Boiling Distillation Plain Vessel with Vent Port, 375 mL Volume

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Plain Vessel, 375 mL Volume, Grooved Vessel Allows for Efficient Heat Transfer on Evaporating Side, With Vent Port

Product Details

  • One piece inner PFA coil inserted in cooling side
  • Plain vessel has smooth surface for use with electrothermal wraps on evaporating side
  • Heat source, cooling water, and stand required
  • Grooved vessel allows for efficient heat transfer on evaporating side
  • Evaporating side is smooth for electrothermal wraps
  • Evaporating side is grooved for heat transfer
  • Remove residual acid through optional stopcock which can be added to vessel bottom or side
  • Remove clean acid or transfer for double distillation

Additional Information

  • Volume: 375 mL
  • With: Vent Port