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70-803-1139 | Glass Expansion Reagent Tube, 1400 mm Long

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Reagent Tube, 1400 mm Long, 1 ID x 1.6 mm OD, With heavy PTFE Sinker, Use with Rinse Solutions on Autosamplers, Valve Systems or Diluents on ICP-MS, PTFE Which is Resistant to All Commonly Used Acids and Solvents

Product Details

  • Use with rinse solutions on autosamplers, valve systems or diluents on ICP-MS
  • Heavy PTFE sinker ensures inlet stays at the bottom of rinse vessel maximizing solution use
  • Made of PTFE which is resistant to all commonly used acids and solvents

Additional Information

  • Length: 1400 mm
  • Diameter: 1 ID x 1.6 OD mm
  • Material: PTFE