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ARG-07-USS2 | Glass Expansion SeaSpray U-Series Nebulizer 2mL/min



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The SeaSpray concentric nebulizer offers outstanding nebulization efficiency for trace level analyses. It offers freedom from clogging while nebulizing solutions to the limit of solubility of most mineral salts, and conferring significant sensitivity gains.

  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • High physical reproducibility ~ 1%
  • TDS tolerance, typically up to 20%
  • High tolerance to particulates, typically up to 75μm
  • Low RSD's due to highly accurate construction

Suggested Operation:

Gas Flow (L/min)
Sample Uptake (ml/min)

Product Details

  • Includes NFT-075 UniFit Connector with 0.75mm ID x 1.3mm OD x 700mm long tubing (1 piece)
  • Includes EL-1 EzyLok Connector Kit

Additional Information

Nebulizer TDS (%) Particulates (μm) HF Precision Purity Robustness Material
SeaSpray 20 75 No High Good Good Glass