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C6000-240 | SimpleDist - Complete System, 240V

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The SimpleDist System from Environmental Express offers a safe, convenient option for ammonia and cyanide collection. The 12-position system eliminates most of the glassware associated with traditional systems. The system does not use cooling water or the cumbersome tubing that cooling water requires, making it easy to use and inexpensive to maintain and operate.

Product Details

SimpleDist Complete Systems come with 12-place HotBlock and 12-valve Manifold Kit.

12-valve Manifold Kit Includes:

  • 12-valve manifold
  • 12 flow control valves (C6005)
  • 1 barb connector (C6160)
  • 12 boiling tubes (C6010)
  • 1 pack of (C6100) 25mL collection traps
  • 1 pack of (C6110) reagent addition tubes
  • 2 packs of (C6120) caps
  • 2 packs of (C6120A) black neoprene washers
  • 2 packs of (C6130) two-port cap inserts
  • 1 tubing kit (C6142), 12 pieces
  • SimpleDist Systems and Manifold Kits come with 1 pack each of Snip & Pour reagents (C7005, C7115, C7125)

C6002-240 Block Specifications:

  • Footprint: 19.5""w x 11.25""d x 25""h
  • Shipping Weight: 40lb.
  • Nominal Sample Size: 50mL
  • Sample Capacity: 12
  • Temperature Range: ambient to 150°C
  • Block Temperature Uniformity: ±0.1°C
  • Sample Temperature Uniformity: ±0.1°C
  • Electrical: 240VAC, 3A (Also available in 120V, C6000)

A vacuum source must be connected to the SimpleDist manifold.

SimpleDist FAQs and diagram of all the parts for the SimpleDist System.

Additional Information

Already have a block? Manifold Kits are available to fit 36-well or 54-well HotBlocks.

The 12-position manifold kit (C6210) turns a SC100 into a SimpleDist System.

The 18-Poistion manifold kit (C6200) turns a SC154 into a SimpleDist System.

Multiple manifolds can be run off of one HotBlock.

Method Compliance
This product complies with the following methods:

SM 4500-NH3 SM 4500-NorgB SM 4500-CN

ASTM D2036-09

EPA 350.1

EPA 335.4

Don't see your test method listed? Please let us know.