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CS25080 | 25mm, 0.8µm, Banded Asbestos PCM Cassette, 50pk

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25mm PCM Cassettes

All Environmental Express 25mm Air Monitoring Cassettes are numbered and bar-coded and come with a Certificate of Quality. 

PCM Asbestos Cassettes are made of conductive polypropylene. They are supplied with 0.8µm mixed cellulose ester filters. All cassettes are sealed with the LOK-SealTM band. Both PCM and TEM cassettes include cassette labels and are packaged in boxes of 50.

Product Details


Housing Material: Carbon Filled Polypropylene
Cowl Length: 2"
Filter Material: PCM 0.8µm MCE, TEM 0.45µm MCE
Filter Size: 25mm
Pad Material: Cellulosic Fiber
Filtration Area: 385 square mm
Volume Resistivity (ASTM D-257): <102 ohm. sq. 

For use with NIOSH 7400 PCM Asbestos Sampling and Analytical Techniques

Additional Information

Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

NIOSH 7400 ISO 8672:2014