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D1001 | BOD: Disposable BOD Bottle, 300mL, 100/Case

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The US EPA recommends the use of Environmental Express disposable BOD bottles be allowed for EPA approved Methods.

Click here for a US EPA Letter of Approval


Disposable BOD bottles provide huge labor savings and improved quality in any environmental laboratory. Lightweight unbreakable and recyclable disposable bottles offer safety as well as convenience. Bottles are formed from PET resin the most easily recycled plastic available. Simply use once and toss into the recycling bin.

Consider how many gallons of water per year you use washing triple rinsing and DI rinsing your glass BOD bottles. With disposable bottles you conserve water and eliminate waste water treatment. The use of clean new bottles eliminates the problem of contamination from sample carry over or detergent residue. Our disposable bottles have an amorphous carbon coating which keeps oxygen from diffusing into or out of your sample. Bottles provide uniform blanks high standard recoveries and quality test data.

Capacity: 300mL; 5.50" H X 2.50" W

Click here for a Comparative Study on glass versus disposable.

Bottles come packaged and are consecutively numbered. Stoppers are sold separately.

Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

SM 5210B

USGS I-1578-78

DIN EN 1899-2

ISO 5815-1:2003

BS IS 3025-44-1993

Product Details

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