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D1243 | BOD: Glucose-Glutamic Acid, 24 x 6mL vials

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GGA. No pipetting, No dilution factor, No contamination, Lower operating cost

INSTRUCTIONS: Shake thoroughly, remove the celloseal covering the cap, unscrew the cap, pour contents, and rinse emptied vial at least 2 times with BOD water into the check standard solution. Each vial contains 6mL of the APHA specified concentration of Glucose Glutamic Acid (150mg/L of Glucose, 150mg/L of Glutamic Acid). This product has a twenty-four month shelf life.

Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

SM 5210B

USGS I-1578-78

ISO 5815-1:2003

BS IS 3025-44-1993

Product Details

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