Nickel Crucibles - High Form - 20 mL to 500 mL


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Nickel is completely resistant to phosphoric acid, as well as being highly resistant to the corrosive effects of the strongest alkalis.

Nickel crucibles offer high resistance to dilute alkalis at a very low cost per crucible. Nickel forms a tightly adhering oxide film at 400°C in oxidizing atmospheres at temperatures to 600°C. Life expectancy is from 4 to 6 fusions, making it an effective choice with regard to cost. Nickel is less than satisfactory when used for salt solutions containing oxidants such as ferric chloride or solutions of mineral acids containing oxidizing salts

 Nickel Crucibles - High Form - 20 mL to 500 mL


Product Details

Nickel belongs to the iron-cobalt group of metals. It forms an adherent oxide film that provides its corrosion resistance up to temperatures around 600°C. It's highly resistant to alkalis and most acids, however, it is attacked by oxidizing acids like nitric and by salt solutions containing oxidizing species. Nickel finds applications in the electronic and aerospace industries and in chemical and food equipment construction. Heat shields, evaporators, laboratory equipment, and glass to metal — ceramic to metal seals are additional applications that use pure nickel.

Additional Information

General Corrosion Resistance

Nickel exhibits good corrosion resistance in acids and alkalis, however, it is not a material to use in oxidizing salt solutions.