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SC154 | HotBlock® - 54-Position, 50mL

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The large capacity SC154 HotBlock® will digest up to 54, 50mL samples simultaneously in just a 15 X 21.5" footprint. Constructed of Graphite and Kydex® the corrosion-resistant SC154 was designed for environmental and other acid digestions prior to metals determinations. The SC154 uses a maximum of 1065 watts of power and will maintain sample uniformity to ±1.5°C. Heat is provided by a low-wattage heating mat that provides extremely uniform heating to all parts of the block. The compact size of the SC154 allows it to fit comfortably inside the HEPA filtered AirLite® hood.

This model comes complete with three 18-place Polycarbonate racks (SC200). These racks allow the operator to load or unload 18 samples at once. Racks accommodate any style of 50mL digestion cups.

Product Details

Block Specifications:

Footprint: 15" x 21.5"
Weight: 65lb
Electrical: 120VAC 9A
Sample Capacity: 54
Nominal Sample Size: 50mL
Temperature Range: Ambient to 150°C
Thermocouple: Type K
Warranty: 12 month

This block is also available in 240 Volt as SC154-240

Additional Information

Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

EPA 200.2 EPA 200.5 EPA 200.7
EPA 200.8 EPA 200.9 EPA 245.1
EPA 245.7 SM 3030 SM 3112
SM 3120 SM 3125 ISO 15202-2:2012
ISO 8124-5:2015 EPA 3050B EPA 7470
EPA 7471

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