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UC475-RD | Ultimate Cup - 50mL, Red Linerless Cap, 500pk



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50-mL Digestion Cups: Still The Industry's Cleanest Resin, Newly Redesigned for Optimum Performance!

All Environmental Express® digestion cups are molded from the same polypropylene resin you've come to trust. Environmental Express continue to certify their digestion cups for 68 elements-the most on the market. A new and improved Certificate of Analysis for background metals and volume accuracy is included in every box purchased.

This part number comes with a red, linerless cap which is molded from the same polypropylene resin as our cups.

New design features:

  • Stronger - increased wall strength provides even more durability for digesting with concentrated acids
  • Easier to Fill - graduation lines have been added to both sides of the cup, and interfering vent lines are gone forever!
  • Cap Options - a variety of colored, linerless cap options available: natural (UC475-NL), orange (UC475-OR), pink (UC475-PK), and yellow (UC475-YL). Additionally, two polyethylene-faced lined cap options in green (UC475-GN) and white (UC475-WH).
  • Tighter Seal - a redesigned screw thread profile tightens the seal and engages our FlipMate® System more securely
  • Wobble Free - a deeper dimple on the bottom of the cup adds extra stability

Product Details

Enviromental Express' UC475 digestion cups provide premium performance in your SC154 HotBlock™, SC100 HotBlock, or AutoBlock™. These cups are molded of clarified homopolymer polypropylene assuring higher working temperatures and greater chemical resistance than the commonly used co-polymer polypropylene. Cups are graduated to 50mL and have a total 63mL capacity.

Additional Information

Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

EPA 200.2 EPA 200.5 EPA 200.7
EPA 200.8 EPA 200.9 EPA 245.1
EPA 245.7 SM 3030 SM 3112
SM 3120 SM 3125 ISO 15202-2:2012
ISO 15587-1:2002 ISO 15587-2:2002 EPA 3050B
EPA 7470 EPA 7471