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ZHE1000 | ZHE Products - 560mL Zero Headspace Extractor

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The Environmental Express Zero Headspace Extractor, ZHE+, is the finest device of its type available.

  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel
  • The ZHE+ has a capacity of 560mL, more than enough to utilize the maximum test sample of 25 grams as allowed by federal regulations.
  • Continually monitor filtration pressure via a pressure gauge
  • One handed, easy operation
  • All fittings are housed in the unit to protect from damage
  • Plug valve to help safely remove pressure slowly
  • The ZHE+ comes fully assembled.

Product Details

In use, the piston is moved up the honed sample barrel by gas pressure. This pushes the extracted sample through a 90mm, 0.7µm borosilicate glass fiber filter (FG75090MM), held between two photo-etched screens, out the top of the apparatus into a gas tight syringe or Tedlar® bag. Pressurizing gas is introduced through a quick-connect fitting located on the bottom of the ZHE+, allowing the user one-hand operation when connecting or disconnecting the gas source. A pressure relief valve is also located on the bottom of the ZHE+. All fittings are contained within the "footprint" of the apparatus, protecting them from damage when the apparatus is handled or loaded into a rotary agitator. The finished extract exits through a 316 stainless steel plug valve located on the top plate. A plug valve is especially well suited for this application as it can be "throttled" to allow the pressurized extract to escape from the ZHE+ slowly. Top and bottom plates are connected by hex connecting rods and feet. The ZHE+ is supplied with a complete set of spare O-rings and a polyethylene tool to remove the piston from the sample cylinder.

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Method Compliance:

This product complies with the following methods:

EPA 1311

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