ICP & ICP-MS Nebulizers

Burgener Research - Supplier of ICP/ICP-MS Nebulizers & Accessories

Burgener Nebulizers use the patented enhanced Parallel Path method. They work on the principle that any body of liquid can be used to produce a fine mist with a gas stream, if they are in close proximity to each other. It’s not essential to have a critical alignment of the gas stream and the liquid. This allows them to produce a nebulizer with a large opening for the liquid path, preventing tiny particles in the liquid from plugging the same path.

Burgener Research has several industrial nebulizer designs for high flow and low flow situations. The company has had requests for flows as high as 1000 litres/minute for desalination plants, and for 50 nanolitres/minute for HPLC integration to ICP/MS systems.

Delta distributes more than 100 of Burgener’s products including ICP/ICP-MS nebulizers & accessories.

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