The professionals Choice for Air Sampling Equipment

Zefon: The professionals Choice for Air Sampling Equipment

Zefon International is a manufacturer and supplier of sampling equipment used to monitor indoor environmental, occupational health, and safety conditions. From their 50,000 square foot facility, Zefon manufactures a large selection of air sampling filter products and sampling pumps.

A longstanding partner with air quality experts around the world. With an extensive catalogue of high-quality equipment and a commitment to standing behind all their products, Zefon provides everything you need to monitor environmental and occupational health and safety conditions.

Delta distributes a range of products from Zefon, including:

● Sampling media and cassettes: Zefon sampling media includes preloaded cassettes, filter membranes, surface sampling equipment and more. The proprietary Air-O-Cell® bioaerosol cassette — one of Zefon’s bestselling products — is industry-proven and independently tested for rapid collection of viable and non-viable aero-allergens such as mold, spores, pollen, insect parts and more.

● Sampling pumps and calibrators: Zefon manufactures and distributes reputable brands of area pumps, personal pumps and IAQ pumps, as well as sophisticated calibration equipment to keep those pumps running at their correct flow rates at all times. All products are easy to use and affordably priced, making them an excellent overall value.

● Portable instruments: Specialized air sampling and monitoring equipment available from Zefon International includes personal noise dosimeters, dust monitors, optical particle counters and more. The instruments deliver true portable power, a wide range of interface and data management configurations, and extensive programming options.

● Gas detection equipment: Zefon gas detection equipment lineup includes passive air monitoring badges, Gastec® and Sensidyne® gas detection tubes with built-in calibration scales, pumps, CBA analysis kits and more.

When purchasing Zefon products, you can rest assured that you will be receiving only high-quality products, products you can count on to work time and time again. Count on Zefon for defect-free air sampling products that work reliably every time you need them.

Zefon has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 for the design and manufacture of air sampling products, air sampling cassettes and media and air sampling equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres. Distribution of sampling media and cassettes, sampling pumps and calibrators, portable instruments and gas detection equipment. 

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