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Empore™ Extraction Disks

After a brief hiatus, Empore extraction disks are available for purchase again. Choose from oil& grease, organics and radiochemistry disks. They are an efficient alternative to liquid/liquid extraction for sample preparation.

Empore™ Oil & Grease Disks

Improved Empore oil and grease disks are optimized to meet EPA Method 1664 requirements. They have a faster flow rate and less filter clogging than competing SPE filters. Revolutionary filters uses a fluoropolymer matrix embedded with C-18 coated particles sandwiched between two layers of polypropylene prefilter material. Tri-laminar construction eliminates the need for costly and messy prefilter materials on most samples.

 Part Number Description
G2073 SPE - Empore™ O/G Disk, 47mm, 60pk
G2083 SPE - Empore™ O/G Disk, 90mm, 30pk

Empore™ SPE Disks

Empore™ RAD Disks provide an efficient alternative to conventional radiochemical sample preparation methods that use wet chemistry or packed columns. A proprietary process is used to entrap adsorbent particles into a matrix of inert PTFE to create a mechanically stable sorbent disk. The disks can be used for purification and concentration of analytes from aqueous samples.

Empore RAD disks provide a sample prep solution for large volume aqueous samples. The disk format provides a large surface area for sorbent/sample contact. Fast flow rates and high throughput may be realized with use of an Empore RAD disk. RAD disks form convenient direct counting sources when used in applicable test methods.

 Part Number Description
G2647 SPE - Empore™ Radium Rad Disk, 47mm, 60pk
G2083 SPE - Empore™ Technetium Rad Disk, 47mm, 60pk

Empore™ Disks for Organic SPE

Use Empore disks for solid phase extraction of large water samples. The relatively large surface area of these disks allows better flow rate and higher sample capacity than small volume cartridges. Solid phase extraction is currently approved by the US EPA for many organic analytes and is recognized as an alternative test method for many more. Since their introduction, many laboratories have discovered the safety, efficiency and solvent reduction offered by Empore SPE disks.

 Part Number Description
G2021C SPE - Empore™ C-8 Disk, 47mm, 60pk
G2022C SPE - Empore™ C-8 Disk, 90mm, 30pk
G2028 SPE - Empore™ C-18 Disk, 47mm, 20pk
G2028C SPE - Empore™ C-18 Disk, 47mm, 60pk
G2029C SPE - Empore™ C-18 Disk, 90mm, 30pk
G2031C SPE - Empore™ SDB-XC Disk, 47mm, 60pk
G2032C SPE - Empore™ SDB-XC Disk, 90mm, 30pk
G2038C SPE - Empore™ Anion Disk, 47mm, 60pk
G2041C SPE - Empore™ Cation Disk, 47mm, 60pk
G2048C SPE - Empore™ SDB-RPS Disk, 47mm, 60pk
G2272C SPE - Empore™ Carbon Disk, 47mm, 60pk
G2273 SPE - Empore™ Carbon Disk, 90mm, 30pk