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20-809-9178 | Glass Expansion Tracey TFE Cyclonic Spray Chamber with Helix CT, 50 mL

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Spray Chamber, 50 mL, PTFE, Tracey TFE Type, Very Good Precision, Good Purity, Includes Helix CT Locking Screw with Seal, UniFit Connector, For 3000XL and 3000DV Series

Product Details

  • Made from totally inert PTFE - impervious to organic solvents and strong acids, even hydrofluoric acid
  • Established Tracey cyclonic design ensures excellent sensitivity and precision
  • Fast washout enables highest possible sample throughput
  • Incorporates helix nebulizer interface - no dead volume, smooth lock and release mechanism, no O-rings to replace

Additional Information

  • Volume: 50 mL
  • Material: PTFE
  • Purity: Good
  • Precision: Very Good
  • HF-Resistant: Yes
  • Internal Baffle: Yes
  • Type: Tracey™
  • For Use With: For 3000XL and 3000DV Series
  • Includes: Helix CT Locking Screw with Seal, UniFit Connector