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AB4001 | Environmental Express AutoBlock™ - AutoBlock Plus System, 120V

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The NEW AutoBlock Plus! Increased Functionality.

This latest generation of AutoBlocks is the smartest one yet.

The new AutoBlock Plus automates sample prep for metals digestions all the way through a final fill-to-volume step but takes up less space in your lab and costs less.

Product Details

New Features Add Flexibility!

  • Final Fill-to-Volume Function. The AutoBlock Plus will add deionized water to your digestates to achieve the final volume you choose.
  • Single X, Y, Z Injection Probe. This single probe allows you to operate any batch size up to 54 samples so doesn't waste reagents. AutoBlock has 8 reagent and 2 DI water ports.
  • Advanced User-Friendly Software. Follow pre-programmed EPA Methods or create your own. The software runs on a PC away from the acidic environment of the digestion process.
  • Integrated Fume Hood. Use the HEPA-filtered fume hood to vent the AutoBlock Plus into your existing duct work.
  • Smaller Footprint. The compact AutoBlock Plus is 36W x 38.5H x 24D.
  • Increased Safety. Leak and pressure detectors and liquid level sensors minimize analyst contact with acids and eliminate cross contamination.
  • Durability. The new AutoBlock features a 54-well PTFE-coated graphite block in a rugged, corrosion-resistant casing and utilizes silicone mat heating technology.

Getting consistent results and freeing up analyst time has never been easier.

AutoBlock Plus Product Brochure

This block is also available in 240 Volt as AB4001-240

Additional Information

Method Compliance
This product complies with the following methods:

EPA 200.2 EPA 200.5 EPA 200.7
EPA 200.8 EPA 200.9 EPA 245.1
EPA 245.7 SM 3030 SM 3112
SM 3120 SM 3125 ISO 15202-2:2012
ISO 8124-5:2015 EPA 3050B EPA 7470
EPA 7471    

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