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B3000-240 | HotBlock® COD Reactor - 56-Position, 240V

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Digest two analytical batches at once!

  • Process up to fifty-six standard, 16-mm diameter, round-bottom COD vials and many other digestion vial chemistries.
  • See actual and set-point temperatures simultaneously
  • Pre-programmed to run at 150°C for two hours, and flashes when the cycle is complete
  • Maintain a setpoint of ±0.1°C and sample consistency of ±1.5°C
  • The heater mat in each block provides uniform heat distribution to all samples throughout the digestion process allowing all samples to digest at the same rate.
  • The Safe-Sample™ temperature protection system alerts you in the event of runaway temperatures. The unit will sound an alarm and shut off heating to protect samples.
    Test Chemical oxygen demand (COD)
    Measurement Points Ambient to 150°C, with 0.1° resolution and ±1.5°C accuracy

    Product Details

    Block Specifications:
    Footprint: 15" x 18"
    Weight: 61lb
    Electrical: 120VAC 9A
    Sample Capacity: 56
    Vial Diameter: 16mm
    Temperature Range: Ambient to 150°C
    Thermocouple: Type K
    Warranty: 12 month

    Additional Information

    Method Compliance:
    This product complies with the following methods:

    EPA 410.4

    SM 5220D-2011

    HACH 8000

    ASTM D1252-06

    ISO 15705:2002