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C8000 | SimpleDist Micro - 26 Position Distillation Block

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Key Features

  • Save time--smaller sample size means quicker distillations
  • No cooling water or vacuum required
  • Accepts disposable polypropylene distillation tubes--no more costly glass apparatus to clean and replace
  • Reduce waste--requires just 6 mL of sample
  • Distills 26 samples simultaneously

Perform reduced-volume distillations with the SimpleDist Micro block and Disposable Distillation Micro Tubes from Environmental Express.

Small volume (6mL) distillations reduce distillation times and chemical use, saving time and money in your lab. The EPA approves the use of micro distillation systems with disposable tubes for the reporting of Cyanide. The system is easily adaptable for Ammonia and Phenols reporting as well.

The high-throughput unit lets you distill 26 samples simultaneously, using only 6 mL of sample per tube. It is quick and easy everything is done in the micro tube! Simply add sample, heat, and bring distillate to volume in the collection part of the tube.

The SimpleDist Micro distillation block is a member of the reliable and time-tested HotBlock family. Made from PTFE-coated graphite and enclosed in a durable Kydex housing this block is designed to withstand the corrosive environment of your lab. All electronics are contained within the block footprint including a built-in, easy-to-use LED controller.

    Product Details

    Block Specifications

    Control Type Digital
    Uniformity (° C) ±1.5°
    Max Temperature (° C) 150
    Power (VAC) 120
    Footprint 34"w x 7.5"h x 8"d
    Weight 59 lbs

      Additional Information

      Method Compliance:

      This product complies with the following methods:

      Lachat 10-204-00-1-X